Window Condensation Prevention and Control

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Why do I have condensation on my windows?

Having condensation form on your windows and walls can be extremely frustrating, if you can see condensation forming we recommend that you get this seen by a condensation control and condensation prevention expert. On average, each person produces 4 pints of moisture each day just from everyday activities such as breathing, cooking, and washing.

As our houses have become more insulated and draughts are being blocked, there is a reduction in the amount of ventilation in our homes. The impact is like we are living in a Tupperware box where our homes cannot breathe.

In our homes, when the temperature is warm, the air can hold the moisture. When the temperature drops in winter or at night, the air can no longer hold the moisture and it reaches its ‘dew point’ which is the point at which the moisture produced in the air cannot escape so the moisture migrates to the coldest parts of the house such as the windows and walls. This moisture turns into water and condensation is formed and the repeated build-up of condensation can then further result in mould growth.

To put it simply, condensation occurs because water vapour in the air deposits itself on surfaces that are at lower temperatures. When moist air encounters these cold surfaces and cannot escape, it releases some of this moisture onto the surface as water droplets that cannot dry themselves.


How to stop condensation on windows?

One simple method of reducing or stopping condensation on windows is to keep your windows in your house open and put the heating on. This is not energy efficient or cost-effective alongside leaving windows open not being feasible for security reasons, the cold weather and it being impractical.

The reason why this is suggested is to improve ventilation within your home.
If you find that your home is getting condensation or black mould, the humidity and ventilation are the underlying issues that must be resolved, or it will continue to occur even after drying and cleaning surfaces.

We can prevent condensation from appearing on your windows and walls through the installation of a PIV Unit. Our Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems work by preventing the damp areas in the home and on the walls. They work by introducing and circulating the air ventilating the home and eliminating the need to keep your windows open.

Our PIV Units are a dynamic whole-home ventilation system transforming the stagnant stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy, condensation free environment. We work with our customers to provide the desired amount of ventilation required, thereby creating a cleaner, fresher home environment.