Black Mould Prevention and Control

Condensation Control Experts

Black mould prevention and control is extremely important and should be addressed as soon as possible by an expert. Our homes are becoming more airtight as we try to make our houses more energy efficient by insulating our windows and doors. Without fresh air being able to enter the home, poor ventilation results in moisture in the air which causes condensation and then black mould.

Moisture is always present in the air in your house but too much can cause condensation on cold surfaces such as walls and windows. Mould can appear in any room of the house; it is not just a problem in bathrooms and kitchens.

In time mould can take root in damp areas and if left untreated can cause damage to not only the building but your furnishings and contents. It can find its way behind furniture, inside wardrobes, mattresses, ceilings, and doors.

Black mould control and prevention

Black mould is the unfortunate, unsightly, and unhealthy side effect of condensation, most households put up with wet windows from condensation but when the black mould starts to grow, people become embarrassed and start to clean the mould week after week, but it just grows back.

You can spend money and time insulating the affected area, but the mould just starts to grow elsewhere in the home.
It seems like a never-ending battle.

The mould is not something you should blame yourself for, it is down to the moisture levels in the air and the black mould feeding on the moisture.

Removing the mould through cleaning it is not enough to remove the problem as it will keep reappearing if the air quality is not improved adequately. Unfortunately, black mould is a common household problem, but we can assess and carry out the measures necessary to ensure there is no recurrence of the problem. Once our PIV Units get the moisture problem under control, the black mould will then die and not reappear.

Black Mould Control

Mould is damaging to your health

Mould is classed as a Category 1 health hazard, which is in the same category as Asbestos! Black mould can kill. If you are exposed for long enough, black mould can shut down your organs, incapacitate your immune system, and damage your brain which could result in death.

Black Mould is a living organism which can cause sneezing, headaches, runny noses, coughing, dizziness, watery, red, and itchy eyes, sickness, skin irritations and rashes.

Mould also release tiny spores with mycotoxins and allergens attached to them that travel through the air. It is these that can affect our health and cause allergic reactions. Left untreated, mould can also cause respiratory problems and asthma or make existing conditions much worse. The young and old are particularly vulnerable so it is important to ventilate your home well and keep an eye out for potential problems.


Black mould solution

If your home is suffering from mould because of poor ventilation, condensation, and dampness, it is extremely important to understand that bleach and household products are not effective mould removal treatments. Whatever mould is visible on the surface, there will always be at least twice as much underneath. It goes deep into your internal walls and once cleaned; the mould continues to spread within the brickwork. Using bleach to clean can become airborne and can therefore cause even more issues.

You can clean it or paint over it, but it will only grow back, Mould loves humidity so once the condensation starts and the black mould begins to grow there is literally no stopping it.

Permanently removing black mould can only be done if you remove the root cause of the problem otherwise it will keep coming back repeatedly. Only specialist ventilation systems installed by professionals can completely remove all the underlying causes of the problem. It is essential the humidity that is causing the condensation and mould is addressed and treated properly by professionals.

PIV Units

We can treat any existing mould using our PIV Units

Our Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems work by preventing the damp and mould growth in the home and on the walls by introducing and circulating the air. PIV Units is the solution to prevent this in the future. The system ventilates the home from within, thereby eliminating the need to open windows.

Our PIV Units are a dynamic whole-home ventilation control unit which are discreetly located in a central position on your landing area or loft working very efficiently to ventilate your entire home, transforming the stagnant stale atmosphere into a fresh, healthy, condensation and mould free environment.

By pushing fresh, filtered air gently into the home and individual rooms it does not allow the stale air to settle. The result will be constant fresh air movement eliminating the humidity that causes condensation and mould.

We work with our customers to provide the desired amount of ventilation required, thereby creating a cleaner, fresher home environment.