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Who We Are...

Welcome to Advanced Condensation Control, a local, family-run business specialising in condensation prevention and control and black mould prevention and control.

We are reliable, honest, and professional offering efficient and comprehensive services to all our clients. We are a family-based company with family values with strong links in the local area. With our passion for indoor air quality and the ability to provide tailored solutions to meet all our customers’ requirements, we are confident we can help everyone providing a better quality of life in your home.

Our Services...

PIV Unit Condensation

PIV Unit Installation

The simplest way to install a PIV unit is to get a professional to install it in the loft. Air from the loft is pulled into the rest of the house and creates positive air pressure.

Black Mould

Black Mould Control

Stopping black mould from reoccurring can only be done by fixing the reason that caused it to grow in the first place. This is almost always poor ventilation. Our PIV Units can fix this almost instantly.


Condensation Control

Condensation commonly occurs on surfaces such as windows and walls when there is not enough air ventilation in the property. Our PIV Units prevent the condensation from occurring and fix any current condensation issues almost immediately.

Three Steps To Success

We will help and support you every step of the way!

All our Positive Input Ventilation products cure mould and condensation: Guaranteed.


Free condensation survey

Advanced Condensation Control offer a free condensation survey where we come to view your current condensation and mould situation and ensure all relevant factors are taken into consideration before deciding on the best course of action.


Arrange an installation date

Advanced Condensation Control will then work with you to arrange the earliest and most convenient date for us to come and install the PIV Unit in your property.

We ensure the installation is done with minimum disruption to you and your home and as fast and efficiently as possible.



Advanced Condensation Control has a small aftercare team that is available to you if you have any further questions about your PIV Unit or need us for any other condensation prevention issues.

Our experienced team have found that once we have fitted the PIV unit, we do not expect to hear from you again as you will have everything that you need.


PIV Unit Installers

What We Do...

Advanced Condensation Control are the leading supplier and installer of Positive Input Ventilation systems in North West England and our aim is to stop condensation on your windows and walls. By preventing mould & damp in your home and improving the air quality and ventilation.

We want to keep the costs of the supply of PIV systems to a minimum so that everyone can afford to:


PIV Unit Installation

Expertise & Knowledge

We have over 10 years’ experience in PIV installation, management, and mould and condensation solutions for all types of properties and buildings.

Each case is treated individually, and each solution is unique, and we therefore tailor our services around your specific requirements.

Service Promise: We pride ourselves on our excellent, good old fashioned customer service. 

With our enviable reputation and high levels of customer satisfaction, we are proud to have built up a large and happy customer base who appreciate our premium service received from our highly experienced and qualified team.

Coverage Throughout The North West

Our base is in Wigan, but we can cover the whole of the North West of England including Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Warrington, and Cheshire. Give us a call to see if we can help you.

Advanced Condensation Control